(Video) Car Thief Steals Sunglasses, Leaves $1 Million Lottery Ticket

A Seattle couple had a lottery ticket worth $1 million but didn’t realize it. Fortunately for them, the thief who broke into their car wasn’t cognizant of the winning ticket as well.

(Video) Unbelievable: Thief Cries When Hotel Robbery Goes Wrong!

No one is immune to feeling emotional! No one! An Atlanta gunman, who was robbing a store, grew emotional in the midst of a robbery he was committing. The cashier didn’t know how to obtain the survelliance footage and it made him shed a few tears! Comical! Check out the video…

*Updated* (Caught on Tape) WWE: Fan Steals Hulk Hogan Memorabilia From His Store

This is kinda funny … but not.  The stealing part isn’t funny, but you’d think it was some punk kid that doesn’t know any better that would actually steal from Hulk Hogan.  Hulk’s Florida beach shop was hit by three chicks who distracted the manager … while a fourth made off with a signed boot.  It was an older middle aged woman (pic above) and the incident was caught on tape! Check it out…

IF The Government Can Do It Why Can’t We! Webcam Catches Thief!!

All because his fruit was missing from his desk everyday, guy set up his web cam in his office to catch video while he was off(over night), and the cleaning crew was in, and sure enough he fought that a**!

Thieves That Stole Wreckage Remains From The Paul Walker Accident Charged With Felony

The law is NOT going easy on the guys who allegedly stole items at the Paul Walker crash scene, they’ve been charged with 3 crimes. 18-year-old Jameson Witty was caught on tape stealing the T-top roof of the Porsche. Worst part about it was that he was taking it right off of the tow truck. Gets even better.. he then bragged about the heist by posting pics of the stolen wreckage on Instagram. WHY? SMH. The L.A. County District Attorney has just charged Witty and his alleged accomplice, Anthony Janow, with felony grand theft, along with 2 misdemeanors, destroying evidence and resisting, obstructing and delaying a peace officer.If convicted, the 2 men face up to 4 years and 6 months behind bars. Think before you make stupid decisions!

10 Year Old Boy Gunned Down In Miami Salon?!

A 10 year old, little boy was shot dead, during the break in of his family owned nail salon, hit the jump for more!

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