(Video) Tiger Pulls Off Car Bumper At Same Wildlife Park Woman Was Mauled To Death At

A few weeks ago, a woman was mauled to death by a Tiger at a wildlife park. Now at that same park, we can see a Tiger pulling the bumper off of a car. These cats are vicious! Not sure people should be attending this park.

Tyga Gets Called Out For Abandoning His Pet Tiger

Looks like Tyga is under fire as he reportedly abandoned his pet Tiger. A couple years back, Tyga learned that having such an exotic animal in his home was against the law. To avoid any charges, he sent the Tiger to a nonprofit sanctuary.

(Video) Woman Mauled To Death By Tiger In China

In a graphic video, we see a woman being mauled to death in China by a Tiger. In the video we see the attack take place at Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing after the daughter got out of the car and walked to the other side.

(Video) Tiger Rages On Her Friend For Waking Her Up From A Nap!

Scary stuff. This tiger was sound asleep til her fellow tiger comrade woke her up, not too her liking. She handled the situation best she could…

(Audio) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Responds to Chrissy Teigen’s Criticism About His Pet Tiger

Floyd Mayweather has gotten flack from PETA and Chrissy Teigen after posting a picture with his pet tiger that he was given as a gift.  Mayweather decided to speak out and set everybody straight.

(Photo) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Needs Help Naming His New Pet Tiger

What do you get as a gift for a man who already has it all and can buy whatever he doesn’t? Well apparently people in Russia decided the best gift for Floyd Mayweather was a two month old, Indian Tiger. The boss of the Money Team has been in Russia this week doing promo tours and holding a couple training sessions for the locals in Moscow. This type of gift is right up Floyd’s alley. How many people in the U.S. can say they own a pet tiger? Not many and we know Floyd loves having exclusive things. Check the gallery!

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