(Photos) TSA Will Allow Pocketknives Aboard Planes For The First Time Since 2001

I think this news is ridiculous. Maybe I’m biased because my mother is a flight attendant and is on planes all the time, but it really makes me wonder why this is necessary. Why do you need a knife on you WHILE you’re on the plane? Pack it in your checked in luggage! For the first time since 2001, the Transportation Security Administration announced they will allow travelers to bring small knives, hockey sticks & golf clubs into the airplane cabin. This rule will take effect April 25 and it is the biggest loosening of restrictions for carry-on items since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Do you think this is a good idea? See what TSA is prohibiting you to bring on board below!

(Shocking Video) Disabled Child Emotionally Disturbed After Being Forced to Get TSA Pat Down

The TSA agent might’ve crossed the line with this one! A disabled 4-year-old girl, Lucy Forck, was shook up and in tears after an agent said she had to give the child a pat down because she was in a wheelchair. Lucy’s parents were furious at the shocking treatment — they continued to film the footage even when they were asked not to. “We didn’t want to be combative,” said Lucy’s dad, Nathan Forck, “but we were going to set clear boundaries about what was and wasn’t appropriate in regards to someone touching our child.” See the mortifying footage below.

TSA Plans To Remove ‘Naked’ Body Scanners

The TSA came under fire when they released full body scanners that have been nicknamed ‘virtual strip searches’ or ‘naked body scanners.’ Now the agency has announced they have plans to remove the scanners, well sort of. Come June, the machine will only display an outline of the human body. Not only will the machines only give a generic outline, but they will not be mandatory and will only be used when the passengers opt to as a “shorter lane” option. The TSA announced that they would only bring back the backscatter machines once the proper software is developed. Read more below. Julie A.

(Video) SMH! TSA Detains Sobbing, Handicapped Girl For An Hour Refusing To Let Her Mother Comfort Her

This is disgusting! I know the TSA has a job to do and I’m actually very grateful for their service but being inhumane is not necessary and that’s exactly what they were in this incident. 12-year-old Shelbi Walser suffers from brittle bone disorder and was traveling with her mother from Texas to Florida to seek treatment. While in the airport, Shelbi was detained by the TSA for over an hour and they refused to allow her mother to comfort the girl. When TSA checked the girl, they found a form a residue  on the child’s hands  that they believed was explosive material. It turns out, that the safe material was spread to her hands from pushing her wheelchair and TSA could have deducted that if they simple tested the wheel chair. I think the worst part about this isn’t that they accused the young girl because you never know in today’s world, it’s that they wouldn’t let her mother comfort her. I highly doubt a 12-year-old could be making bomb materials on their own so they should have questioned the mother just as much. See the video of TSA leaving the sobbing girl alone below. Julie A.

Holiday Tips: How To Breeze Through TSA!!!

1st Thing You Don’t Do is come to the Airport like Homie in the Pic above 0_o  Us New Yorkers are lucky enough to have some hard working TSA employees. As if it isn’t already a nightmare to travel around the holidays, getting through security can be a hassle. So many rules and regulations, what you can do, can’t have, big liquids, no metals.. and they change.. sometimes with no warning. Knowing the do’s and dont’s of the airport will help you breeze right through. Safe travels from us here at IFWT !! Tat Wza Dress in clothes you can slip out of at a moments notice. Wear loose garments with wide pockets, a belt that can be quickly removed, and low-top shoes—preferably slip-ons. You’ll be taking all of this stuff off and emptying your pockets to step through the metal detector while it’s scanned, and the faster you can put it all back on, the faster you get through the checkpoint. Depending on how many people are queued in front of you and how fast the line is moving, you’ll want to start disrobing roughly 5-8 positions from the front of the line. This should give you ample time to fiddle with your shoelaces and put everything in the bin before you start holding up the line behind you. You’ll also want to remove all of your jewelry, a watches, and keys. Stick your valuables in a bag or…

Man Arrested For Strange Watch

Geoffrey McGann a Southern California man was arrested by Oakland International Airport TSA for trying to pass through the security check with a peculiar watch. Apparently it’s the type of watch that can be used to make a bomb or some kind of explosive. Though no explosives were found on the premises, McGann was still detained for a watch he describes as art. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

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