(Photos) WHOA! TSA Finds $500,000 Worth Of WHAT!?!?

There is now a legislative battle over who gets to keep $500,000 worth of loose change that travelers left behind. Apparently, it’s not uncommon for the TSA to collect loose change. In fact, they keep their findings documented, titled: Unclaimed Money at Airports. In total, they collected $531,395.22. Hit the jump to find out how they usually spend it.

(Warning*Graphic*Photo) Pic Of LAX Gunman At Time Of Capture, Shot And Handcuffed!

Chaos erupted at LAX friday, and this Photo was taken moments after Paul Ciancia was taken down, shot 4 times, and once in the mouth, which is what allegedly took him down. This is after he shot 5 people, including 2 TSA agents with one of them dead.

Justin Bieber Gets Held Up In Puerto Rico Airport For More Than An Hour Because Of What?

Following a show, Justin Bieber was stopped and searched for quite some time at the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as security looked for contraband. (The Biebs HAS been known to enjoy that kush!) Security at the airport claimed it was a “random search,” but…let’s get real. The singer ended up being delayed for more than an hour, but they ended up knee-deep in nothing and he was eventually allowed to leave without incident on his private jet. Nothing to see here, folks!

WHOA! TSA Isn’t Searching For WHAT When Boarding A Plane?!?!

Turns out that when TSA Agents search you or your bags before flying, they aren’t looking for weed. That is, of course, so long as it isn’t too much. But, they have yet to define “too much.” Hit the jump for more info!

A Sign Of Change! TSA To Change What Policy ?!?!

Nervous frequent flyers are breathing a sigh of relief to hear that the Transportation Security Administration has decided to change their plans to allow pocket knives and other unwanted items on planes. An angry uproar from partners, unions, and the travelling public pressured the TSA to cave in. They were not only going to allow pocket knives, but also baseball bats, golf clubs and a few other crazy banned items. Read more after the jump…..

(Video) LOL! Frenchman Impersonates Pilot On US Airways?!?

Did this guy really think his plan was foolproof? A Frenchman boarded a flight in Philadelphia and when he asked if he could ride in the cockpit, a flight attendant allowed him to. He then got in the pilot’s seat, but when the pilot showed up he claimed he was a pilot! The pilot asked for his ID and couldn’t even produce it. Seriously though? He was obviously arrested and I guess his ‘Catch Me If You Can’ fantasy is laid to rest. Check out the story after the jump.

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