(Audio) Biggie Smalls 1st Radio Interview Plus Freestyle With Craig Mack In 1994!!!

This is incredible, the 1st time the Notorious BIG touched down on Hot 97, AND if you don’t know, there was really NO other radio station(Major) in the country playing Hip Hop full time, so this is more than likely the 1st radio(To Clarify for the slow, 1st Major radio) interview Big ever did!!!

(Video) Hold Up Now! Philly Rapper Opens Up For Pusha-T & Then Disses Him In His RAP ?!

Things just got real. Let me start this off by saying, Asaad is an underground Philly rapper & well, Asaad dissed Pusha-T off a Pusha-T beat (MAYBE), while opening up for Pusha-T. CRAY! Supposedly, Asaad, way back when had sent Pusha the song “God Flow,” then all of a sudden, “Your neighborhood Pusha” came out with a song title, “New God Flow.” Asaad was NOT feeling that. He was the opening act for Pusha and this kid slammed him. Made an attempt to have the crowd engage in a, “F**K Pusha-T” chant and all. WHEW, wild! Asaad then went on twitter and explained his reasoning for the stunt. Drop down bottom and read this juice.

The Forbes List Of Richest Under 30!

The Forbes list of the richest celebrities has been released.  Can you guess who snatched up the number one spot? Although I’ll let you know now that women dominated and took over the list of richest under 30! Hit the jump for the list.

(Video) Drug Tunnels Discovered Between The U.S. And Mexico!

Three drug tunnels were discovered between the U.S. and Mexico with ventilation and light along with a rail car system.  Crazy how detailed and intricate they were underground.  Hit the jump. Steph Bassanini

(Video) IFWT Indie Music Series: Troy Ave ft. Prodigy – Dirty Martini

Troy’s upcoming mixtape “Bricks in My Backpack” drops August 30th and for now, check out the visuals to a cut off the tape featuring Prodigy of the M-o-b-b. Shout to Relly. Marisa Mendez @IFWTMusic

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