YIKES! Zika Virus Spreading In Miami Beach, 5 Infected

As if we weren’t already nervous about the spread of the Zika virus, now we’re being told that the virus is active and in full effect in Miami. If you’re in Florida or plan to go soon, definitely hit the jump to read what’s going on.

BARFS: Chipotle Issued Subpoena After Virus Outbreak

In case you were thinking of getting a burrito bowl for lunch, maybe you should think again. A grand jury has issued a subpoena to investigate a Chipotle restaurant in Simi Valley, California due to the fact numerous virus outbreaks have been hitting the Mexican-food chain recently. Back in December, a norovirus infected a location in Boston, Massachusetts that left over 200 extremely ill.

(Photos) #EbolaBack? Doctor Who Was “Cured” Still Has The Virus

Let the scare tactics continue. Seems like the Ebola Epidemic took a backseat for a while but it may be back to the forefront after new developments arise in the United States. Click more to read the full story.

NBA: Kendrick Perkins Responds to Rudy Gay: “I’d rather be a clown than a virus”

A month-long war of words between Kendrick Perkins and Rudy Gay continued before the Oklahoma City Thunder played at Phoenix Sunday.  Gay previously said Perkins should play with paint on his face because he’s a clown.  Perkins was asked to respond to that comment.

(Photo) Scientists Find A Virus That Causes Stupidity?

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and and University of Nebraska Researchers have identified a Virus that destroys human DNA. The affect of this damaged DNA can cause impared brain activity and affect learning and memory.

(Video) WOAH! Deadly Virus Spreading Amongst Children In The US!

There is an unidentified deadly virus on the loose! As of now, more than a thousand children have been diagnosed with this mystery illness. Officials suspect it to be a virus by the name of Human Enterovirus 68, however, it has not been confirmed. The symptoms start off as an ordinary cold and later morph into difficulty breathing, and potential unconsciousness. Cases of this virus have been spotted in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Georgia. Some patients have been admitted into the Intensive Care Unit within a day of contracting the virus. According to Doctors, it has been said that if this virus hasn’t hit your city yet, it is on the way!

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