(Video) Mother Turns Her Son In After She Catches Him With A Stolen Wallet

Lakesha Robinson called the police on her 15-year-old son Chris Salters. Robinson says her son broke into a truck and stole someone’s cell phone and wallet. The boy told his mother that a friend had gave it to him but she was not buying any of that.

(Caught On Tape) THIS Is What Happened When An Illinois Man Passed Out In A Bar!!

After falling to the ground from what was assumed to be a heart attack, when everything was said and done, Illinois’ Larry Lotter realized that he was missing $100 from his wallet and it wasn’t because of Obamacare. Another patron, Bryan Kuegler, who went to help apparently didn’t. Once Kuegler saw paramedics he snatched Lotter’s wallet. Get this, he even bought drinks for Lotter’s date with the money. Hit the jump to see it.

(Caught On Tape) OK!! In-Shape Grandmother Tackles Robber And Retrieves Her Stolen Wallet!!

64-year-old Shirley Rupp is one tough woman. Don’t let her age fool you. While kneeling down near a Subway in Tuscon, Arizona, one man decided to take her purse and it was all caught on tape. At first, it seemed as if the man would get away, but the older woman wasn’t having it. She chased him down and tackled him before he got too far. During the scuffle, she even managed to get her wallet out of the purse. Check out what Rupp had to say after the jump.

He Got His WHAT Back After 54 Years???

After misplacing his wallet 54 years ago, Clarence Van Dyken finally has it back in his hands. So who found Clarence’s wallet and where did he find it??

Samsung Borrows Wallet From Apple (Video)

Looks like Samsung just borrowed another idea from its rival Apple. Samsung just annouced at MWC its new feature Wallet, which is similar to Apple’s Passbook app for iOS. Just like Passbook, Wallet stores tickets, membership cards, boarding passes and coupons in one easy to access location. Watch the video after break.

15-Year-Old Designs Off The Wall iPhone Wallet Case

Vojtech Svarc was’nt happy with the products that were available for the iPhone, so he figured he would create one himself. The trick Vojtech wanted to create, was the ability to carry the iPhone as on wallet but also using with removing the phone from the case. So after some tinkering Vojtech came up with something clever. After the break check out what he came up with.

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