SIGHS, Now What?! The Houston Family Drama Continues…

Houston Family

Welp, this story just keeps getting CRAZY and as we reported Bobbi Kristina’s husband, Nick Gordon posted pictures of guns and threatening messages on his Twitter page. Well Pat Houston didn’t take that lightly at all!

Find out what she did after the jump…

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(Video) Are You Ready For The Next ‘Epic’ Level Of Angry Birds??

IFWT_New Epic Angry Birds

I mean Angry Birds has many versions, and levels(‘to this sh*t’), and they are back with something new, but apparently they are going a whole new route, no more just slinging the very unhappy fowl into swine!

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(Video) The Military Is Testing Smart Rifles?!


Yes it seems so! A company TrackingPoint Inc. has developed a rifle that tracks it’s target, and it is spot on, so now the Military has bought about 6 of them to test, probably in the field.

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(Photos) Whoa!! Former McGruff The Crime Dog Actor Was Booked For Drugs & Guns!!


The man behind the mask, John R. Morales, was stopped back in 2011 for speeding. Ironically, during the stop, police called in sniffer dogs that later found marijuana in his car. In addition to the drugs, police also found two maps that lead to pot farms. But that’s not it… That map also led to the discovery of over 27 guns.

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Gucci Mane Ordered To Give Up His Firearm!

Gucci Mane

The infamous trap god Gucci Mane has officially been stripped of his straps, as authorities have demanded for the repossession of any ammunition. Hit the jump for more!

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Man Checking In Guns Gets Arrested At JFK Airport???


A Tennessee man looking to board Kennedy Imternational airport was apprehended after trying to check in armed rifles and pistols, hit the jump for more details!

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(Photos) As John Kerry Reveals The Cause Death Of Thousands Of Syrians, We Have Pics Of Him With Syrian Leader Bashar al-Assad!


Well… in response to the recent, tragic events in Syria, hopefully by now you’ve read about what Sec. of State, John Kerry had to say. In light of his research, and apparent outspoken behavior regarding Bashar al-Asaad’s chemical attacks towards his own people, pictures from a dinner in 2009 with Kerry and Assad, both with their wives, have recently surfaced. According to reports, Kerry had the sit-down with Assad with hopes of bringing peace to the region. From the recent mass genocide similar to the likes of Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler, it’s pretty obvious that the talk didn’t go as planned. Hit the jump and check out the pics.

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WTF!! Chinese Hackers Accessed The U.S. WHAT???


Chinese hackers allegedly took the U.S. blueprints of the most advanced weapons systems. According to The Washington Post, there was more than 24 major weapons systems blueprints including missiles and air crafts designs that was allegedly stolen.

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Gun Company Threatens To Move If Bill Passes?!?!

Gun Control

In the neverending battle to pass laws to make our streets safer, Colorado is proposing a limit to the rounds of ammunition allowed on guns. Magpul, a gun company with high magazine guns, has threatened to leave their hometown in Colorado if the proposed bill is passed.

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(Photos) Married In A Shooting Range???


In the midst of this country being divided between the right to own a gun and banning it, a couple decided to unite for life at a shooting range.  Well they actually got married in Vegas holding two guns! Aside from holding two large guns for their wedding pictures they got private access to a shooting range after exchanging their vows at The Gun Store in Las Vegas.  Are you that much of a gun enthusiast that on your wedding day you want to be holding a gun?  Hit the jump

Steph B

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