Aside from the newest iPhone 5 Mockup, This is really disheartening news, IF True, and this is one that I truly Hope Is NOT True, But Hit the Jump, and decide for yourself.   -_-
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(Mock Up of iPhone5)

Ok this is the thing:
1- Apple gets the iPhone built out of town(in Asia) and grabs parts from different distributors from all over, Samsung was 1 of them, but it seems like Apple has moved away from them, Using local(to the area) competitors for certain parts

2- Apple Usually Announces the newest iPhone June, and that got Pushed back to the Fall

Now withthat being said, a Chinese website, I would link, but, published a story saying that Apple was having issues with the A5 chip that is supposed to come in the iPhone 5, the same chip that is in the iPad 2 now. The chip is twice as big as the A4 that’s in the Current iPhone, But the iPhone is Much Smaller than the iPad, and with limited space it seems the A5 chip is OVERHEATING, which is what caused the usual June Announcement. The A5 chip is manufactured by Samsung, which could be why Apple is looking to leave Samsung not the legal battle that we 1st speculated. The post says iPhone 5 may not come until 2012 🙁
Now the Post also says the 4GS is Still on track to drop this Fall, giving Apple time to fix this issue, and the rumors that the 4GS will be unlocked, 8megapixel camera, gorilla Glass, dual core chip, and even 4G are true, which is good news, just Not good enough to take me out of that sad place.

 (Photo of the A5 Chip)