Stash boxes are suppose to be creative but Epifanio Santiago took it too far. He and three other men were caught dealing drugs and guns to undercover cops. During the arrest it was discovered that his stash was kept in his daughter’s stroller for the deals he conducted. Check out the full story on this low life’s stash box after the jump.


A drug-dealing punk in a Chelsea housing project hid his stash of cocaine and heroin in his infant daughter’s stroller while conducting his dirty business, authorities said Wednesday.

Epifanio Santiago was one of four men arrested by undercover cops who bought drugs and two guns from the men near a playground at the Chelsea Houses.

Santiago, 23, was carrying crack, heroin and $382 cash when he was busted Tuesday just before sealing another deal in front of 446 W. 26th St.

A search of his apartment then turned up crack pipes and marijuana, authorities said.

Bridget Brennan, the city’s Special Narcotics Prosecutor, said undercover cops made a $4,000 cocaine and heroin buy – the largest of a four-month investigation – from Santiago in late June, when he showed up with his baby daughter and the drugs stashed inside her diaper bag and stroller.

While Santiago pulled heroin from the diaper bag, Brennan said, a second man, Deion Alonzo retrieved cocaine from the tot’s stroller and handed it to the ringleader.

Santiago is facing multiple drug sale counts and gun charges for allegedly selling a shotgun and a .32-caliber handgun, authories said. Alonzo was charged Friday with selling drugs and endangering the welfare of a child.

Two other men, David Rodriguez and Carmelo Ortiz, are also facing charges as part of the drug bust.

A source said Rodriguez, 18, is a member of the Bloods gang, while Alonzo, 23, is a member of the Crips.

The Manhattan South narcotics squad launched the investigation in April after receiving multiple complaints about drug dealing at the housing project.