Apparently this could be Good or Bad, But It’s the story is rather lengthy, So just hit the Jump!!

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There is Mos def a lot of Tech Mumbo jumbo, so I will decipher best as possible, I understand it(most of it), without trying it out myself, So I got you. So the thing is, people like to get a Tablet for the price of an eReader, totally understandable, and I didn’t know that the 1st Gen Color Nook had a Way to make this happen, which involved using a series of microSD cards and some hackery, BUT with the NEW Nook color it’s apparently SO much easier, so much in fact that it’s a matter of just going to the App store and downloading the app, now if you can’t get on the Android market, you could go to the amazon market, like the in the pic above(I know ironic right), and if the app ‘vanishes’, don’t sweat, it’s there, you just have to search for it, once you do, you’re good, NOW here’s the Real issue, With the Malware up in Android Based devices(which I am truly worried about), you might just download some malicious code, and really hurt yourself, so you might want to leave an eReader, an eReader, ya feel me!