For some this is a mixed bag of Good, and Bad News, but you need to Hit the Jump!!


Bad News 1st, Netflix will NO longer carry Starz Network content 🙁

But now that the band aide is off, let’s get to the Heeling aka the Good News, there are a number of titles coming to Netflix thatI’m sure will excite you, including Oscar winners “The Artist”, and “Hugo”!!!!

Also The Documentary “Undefeated”, which was produced by Diddy, will be on Netflix. Rango soon come too!

Now Even better are Movies that are in theaters Right now were announced to come to Netflix this year, “Act Of Valor”, and Tyler Perry’s “Good Deeds”!!

Netflix is proving sometimes you have to burn down what you’ve grown to enrich the soil, so Bigger and Better hints can grow out of it!!!

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