Let me start off by saying that this video will in no way compare to actually being there. It was literally one of the most surreal moments of my life. To watch TUPAC actually appear on stage…and then to hear him address “Coachella”?!? And perform “Hail Mary”?! Absolutely positively amazing in every sense of the word! It was bone-chilling! It almost made me forget the other awesome acts that came out during their set! Wiz Khalifa was the first up for “Wild & Free” with Snoop, then Fif came out and did “What Up Gangsta”, “PIMP” with Snoop and “In The Club”, then Em came out for a few tracks and Kendrick Lamar somewhere in there to perform his new single “The Recipe” alongside Dre for the very first time. Just an awesome show from start to finish with these guys! Check out the whole thing below, as well as just the Pac video since I know you really want to see it!

Marisa Mendez