A 23-year-old Duke University graduate and High School valedictorian committed suicide in his Ohio apartment. His friends called the police because apparently he had been posting erratic Facebook statuses all day. When the cops showed up they found him dead, he had shot himself. He was the son of Bernie Madoff’s accountant, affiliated with the Ponzi Scandal. Click below for more of the story.

Melissa Nash

The son of Bernie Madoff’s accountant fatally shot himself Thursday, according to multiple reports. Jeremy Friehling was found dead in his apartment in Columbus, Ohio, The Journal News reported. Police were called to the 23-year-old college student’s apartment after his friends became concerned.
“Jeremy Friehling had apparently made erratic comments on Facebook throughout the day, prompting concerned friends to request Columbus PD conduct a welfare check,” according to a police memo cited by the paper.

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