Kris Humphries can’t catch a break lol. This past Wednesday, after the Nets lost to the Knicks earlier in the evening, Humphries tried to go out in the city and enjoy himself. The dj’s must of been Knicks fans because they made sure once he arrived they blasted the speakers with nothing but Kanye West records over and over. So cold man! Eventually he got so annoyed ( and after some drinks ) he took a patron bottle and faced towards the dj’s and held it in front of his crotch and poured it out on the floor, as to symbolize him peeing on their music selection. If I was Kris I would be more than happy his ex wife Kim Kardashian is with someone else. Kanye did a sucker move anyway by getting so serious with her. Maybe he will be the next to learn his lesson about dealing with a Kardashian. Read more after the jump.