Buju Banton the Grammy award winning Reggae artist was convicted of drugs and weapons charges in 2011 following an arrest in 2009. A juror in the 2011 case has come under pressure after a Miami newspaper article claims she improperly investigated the case during the trial. The juror maintains that she did not in fact do any research on the case until after the trial, but could this get the famed singer off? Banton has already had one mistrial on this case, when it was first tried the jury deadlocked. If you pay your lawyers well enough they can make magic happen. Hit the jump for more.

Buju Banton is serving a ten year sentence for drug possession and trafficking but he also faces an extra 5 years on gun charges he was convicted of. An investigation on whether one of the jurors caused a mistrial would be music to the Reggae artist ears as he tries to beat those charges through this new information. Though Banton was not the one with a gun on him a clause in the law allows for him to be tried equally for the possession of the gun. A juror who may or may not have looked up information regarding Mr. Banton’s music and this Pinkerton rule. The juror was quoted in the Miami New Times saying, “I would get in the car, just write my notes down so I could remember, and I would come home and do the research,” but she states that this was only after the trial was done and the verdict was in. I’m not the judge so I’ll leave it to my peers, what do you all think?

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