I’d love to have this problem!  Kobe, if you need someone to follow … I’m here for you. Lol.

As everyone knows by now, Kobe joined Twitter last Friday … and he just started following people on Sunday. Well he decided to follow a girl named Amara Baptist … but she has no idea why he’s following her!
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According to bp at LobShots.com:

Meet Amara Baptist – she’s one of 23 people (now up to 28) that Kobe Bryant is following on twitter.

People read into things that shouldn’t be read into. People wanna know who’s following who and why? So on this premiere list of people that Kobe is following, the girl, Amara Baptist, intrigued me. She’s got about 1k followers and she’s also following about 1k people. Pretty normal by twitter standards. She calls Kobe Bryant her ‘boo’ and loves the Lakers.

People will certainly read further into that tweet than is merited. But it begs the question, who is this mystery girl? I didn’t know… so I asked her… who are you?

*Check out her answer and a photo of her above in the gallery*