Are we not done with this story yet?! Let me say this, until we know exactly what Garnett said to ruffle Melo’s feathers – most are going to assume it’s the whole Honey Nut Cheerios comment.
Well La La stopped by SiriusXM and opened up about the whole Kevin Garnett/Carmelo Anthony ‘Honey Nut Cheerios’ incident (she’s only tweeted once about it in the past). There has also been a lot of rumors that Melo and La La’s marriage is in trouble and she opens up about their current relationship status as well. Check out what she had to say…






La La Anthony is laughing off the “Honey Nut Cheerios” controversy, claiming the Celtics’ Kevin Garnett never told her husband, Carmelo Anthony, she tastes like the breakfast cereal. “Garnett did not say that about me,” she told Ear Candy On Demand. “He just said some things to my husband that he didn’t like . . . It happens in the heat of battle.”
She added, “I have great friends and family who are sending me pictures on Honey Nut Cheerios boxes, and we’re making jokes about it.”