Joe & Tah in 2012

Aye yi yi! My head hurts trying to keep up with all the drama! Okay, so as we’ve been watching Love & Hip-Hop, we’ve seen Joe Budden and his ex Tahiry get closer and closer, despite the fact Kaylin Garcia was in the picture. But, we know this was taped a while ago. However, at the reunion last month, Joe did announce that he was single, and it seemed like he and Tahiry were definitely on the road to something because they left the show holding hands! But THEN! Kaylin and Joey took a trip to Miami a couple weeks ago, and were kissing in almost every picture! But now, following the finale of L&HH last night, Joe went over to Tahiry’s house with flowers, and fired up the web cam like the good ol’ days and talked and laughed with the fans. This is a mess! Who do you think he’ll end up with?

Marisa Mendez

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