IFWT Heat x Bulls

There’s always been some sentiment that the Miami Heat are coddled and Lebron James is commissioner David Stern’s golden child. Often people complain about the fouls called or lack there of when it comes to Lebron.  However to actually hear a coach and team hint at the very thought is a little shocking.  It is fitting though that coach Tom Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls would be the ones to address the elephant in the room.   The Bulls and Heat have been in a dogfight of a playoff series and I’m sure there’s some resentment since the Bulls ended the Heat’s 27-game win streak and stopped them from creating history.  Last night things came to a head in the already physical matchup when Nazr Mohammed was ejected for shoving Lebron to the floor.  While Nazr was ejected, Lebron was given a technical and allowed to continue playing.  While the shoves were clearly different, the Bulls think there’s a conspiracy going on considering all the dirty plays that have gone on between the two.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

From Yahoo Sports:

“We’re well aware of what’s going on,” Thibodeau seethed late Friday. “I’m watching how things are going. I watch very closely. What I’m seeing is…

“…We’ll adjust accordingly.”

No one pitches “we’re getting bleeped” better than Thibs, no one better sells it to his players in a neatly wrapped, pretty bow package of damning disgust. His message is unmistakable and his locker room is fully invested in the brainwashing: The NBA wants us to go away, wants us to leave LeBron James undaunted and unharmed on the way to consecutive championship coronations.

“We’re not going to get calls,” Thibodeau grumbled. “That’s reality.”

“I do believe it warranted a tech,” Mohammed said. “We’ve had guys jumping on Nate’s face, guys backing up Marco Belinelli out of bounds. There’s been a lot of plays that didn’t get ejections.

“A push shouldn’t get an ejection. …It was a cheap shot throwing me down.”

Many of us long for the 90’s style basketball play where the players actually hate each other and play hard.  This series brings it back except the rules are different, refs won’t let the game go on like that and the NBA doesn’t let anything happen to it’s golden child Lebron James.

“We really dislike each other,” Taj Gibson said. “And it shows on the court.”

When the two teams walked out for the Game 3 opening tip, something happened that you almost never see in the NBA: no fist bumps, no handshakes, no phony half-hugs. Nothing.

“It was worse than that when LeBron got the MVP,” Gibson told Y! Sports. “You didn’t see any of us clap.”

“M.J. would get fouled and he would just keep playing,” Gibson said. “That’s old-school basketball.”