Trinidad James is known for his…well… ignorant songs and rap lyrics. But according to the “popped a molly I’m sweatin’, WOO” rapper, there is a method to his madness. Find out what Trinidad has to say about his lyrical content after the jump!

In a recent interview with XXL Magazine, Trinidad James explains that he raps about ignorant things, such as “hoes and drugs,” simply because “conscience rap doesn’t sell.” I mean, he has a point but selling out isn’t always the answer, either! Rappers have a huge influence on people, ESPECIALLY James’ hit single “All Gold Everything.” After that song came out, everyone all of a sudden wanted to pop a molly and start sweating. YIKES! He told XXL that he “wasn’t telling you to do molly” but rather he was just sharing his experience with the people. Ah. Peep what else James had to say below.

“There are some artists who make drug references just to look cool, or just trying to appeal to somebody, right? But sh*t, dude, people have been doing that forever. It’s not even about drugs, it can be about anything—cars, whips, jewelry. Artists make music, and some artists talk about sh*t that they really live, but it’s on the listener to decipher if it’s real and if they really f*ck with it or if they’re going along with it because everyone else is. That’s how this game is set up, man. You’ve got people who want to hear about the sh*t that they want, but not the sh*t that they need to hear about. People don’t want to hear positive raps as much as people want to hear negative rap.

“Well, consistently talking about violence, and drugs and b*tches, that’s not the “right thing” to talk about, from a Godly standpoint or from a moral standpoint. But that’s what people want to hear! Like, how many positive rappers are really making it these days?”

OUCH. Do you agree with Trinidad James on this issue? Do “positive rappers” rarely make it compared to the rappers who talk about money, clothes, and hoes? LET US KNOW!