IFWT_Chris Brown

After watching Rihanna and Chris Brown breaking up and getting back together, we assumed they would at least put aside their differences to make some paper, especially on Chris Brown’s side, because Rihanna definitely rakes in more cash than him. However, an insider says that’s not happening for Chris Brown’s next album, collection X. Check out what the source had to say after the jump.

Sarah Nafissa

Says an insider: “Just saw the working track list for X yesterday – Rihanna is not on there. Record execs wanted that song on there, but Chris said he would rather not and wouldn’t allow the record to be released unless they took it off. They’re still hoping to convince Chris or pay him more to change his mind because it would be a hit. The record hasn’t been pressed yet, so things can change, but at this point he’s not changing his mind.”

Chris, grow up and make that money. Don’t be jealous Rihanna has more star power than you!

Perez Hilton