IFWT_JayZ-JT Contest
‘This APP is On Fiiiiirrrreeeee’ *Alicia Keyz Voice*, And Another One, It’s Not right We Have Beautiful B, and Not have Mr. Carter/Mr. Timberlake, Hit the Jump to Find Out what needs to be Done!!

Tat Wza

ONCE AGAIN…These are My personal Tix….So Yeah you’ll DEF Have to do some Digital work for em!!

1st- You’ll HAVE To Have the Dj Funk Flex App(which you can easily get to in lapp store links at the bottom of this post!)

2nd- You’ll Have To Follow Funk Flex, @DBmediamaven and Me(Tat Wza) on Twitter! (We WILL Be Checking ALL 3!!!)

3rd- You’ll Have to Be Signed in on the App through your Twitter, and have an App Ranking of under 10, Get Your App points up!(App Profile)

4th- You’ll Have to Leave your Twitter in the Comments on this Post(so we can match up to the App), along with Why you want to see Hov/JT!!!!

5th- You’ll have to Also Register On Hot97.com

*Disclaimer: You Don’t Have to Live In the NYC Area, BUT Travel is On YOU!!!