IFWT_racism is wrong
I mean I must Say…the Way this Community handled the situation was extremely ‘conscious of other people’s rights’, yet letting it be known they were giving out a ‘Why don’t you Not stay in this area with That shirt on’ type of vibe, which was Their(the community) right. Hit the jump to see the Stirring Video.

Tat Wza

Is this Not exactly what the POTUS was talking about White America…Have you let go of all the racism in your heart?!
I’m not sure where this was, feels somewhere south, but to not ‘put Paws’ on these 2 fools was SOOOO the Right thing to do…But Man I know it had to have been hard to do so, or not do so rather!!
The Trayvon Rallies have been going to push the Gov to proceed with a Federal Civil rights case against Zimmerman, and the review of “Stand Your Ground”….Thank God the non sense below didn’t work!!!

Link to Footage