Eat a mango to extend the length of your high.
Eat a mango before or after smoking marijuana, and it will strengthen and increase the length of your high. So, what’s going on that a mango increases your high??

Brandon F

This natural phenomenon occurs due to myrcene terpenes that are found in mangoes; which are also found in marijuana. These myrcene terpenes cause the psychoactive ingredients in pot to travel faster and more efficiently in the blood brain barrier. Moving faster and efficiently subsequently increases the strength of your high, and it also lengthens your high. Increasing strength and length to a high can better medical marijuana patients by prolonging pain for amounts of time. This mango trick is a cheap and healthy way to increase your high.

Eating a mango an hour before smoking causes marijuana effects to happen faster, but eating a mango after you smoke will lengthen marijuana effects.

It’s also healthy to add mangoes to your daily diet because they provide essential nutrients your body needs.