Kinda Crazy right? Well I want to have sympathy here, But the problem is it really seems as though it could have been avoided! Hit the jump to see the Photo of his face, and the reason.

UPDATED Again Below

Tat Wza

Great news for B2K fans, Raz B is off life support and in stable condition…it’s reported DR’s say it is a “Miracle that he survived”. I guess he will be able to make his triumphed return after all!(see below in original post to be in the know)

Ok below is the original story, and I was a little rough on on Raz, But now I feel kinda bad, since it looks like He is in a coma, and on life-support in a chinese hospital. TMZ is reporting they have talked to his publicist;

“He is in a coma and needs as many prayers as possible.”

It seems as though after his minor surgery on his lip, Raz went home then did not wake up the next day, his back up dancer rushed him to the hospital. After getting to the hospital the DR’s tested his brain activity and it wasn’t good. He’s now on a ventilator and in and out of consciousness.

Earlier Story;
Raz was in China performing, which already should have been a good reason for Raz to mind his biz, and noticed a fistfight in the crowd and ‘decided’ to jump down and ‘break’ it up…and POW *Old School Batman TV show Style* -_-

Lol on top of that, chinese five-O stepped in and threw the bottle smasher AND the bottle smashee in the hoosegow(jail). Once at the station(police) Raz got some medical treatment including 4 stitches in his leaking lip(pause, considering it’s Raz B)

Raz’s Statement;

“F**k this s**t hurts. I have a f**king hole in my lip. Thank god I made it to the hospital.”

Now here’s something I didn’t know(Mostly because I didn’t care enough to find out), Raz has been living in china for 3 years now 0_0
Which is why he doesn’t intend to pursue legal action, and ‘plans’ on coming back state side for ‘Big Comeback’ (once again Pause considering it’s Raz B).