Rihanna x Teyana Taylor

A little while ago, Teyana Taylor started going in on Rihanna on Twitter (directly @’ing her) as a result of a shady video Rih had posted late last night. The video was of Rih’s gay stylist, rocking a curly wig and a snapback and singing a portion of “Caught In The Rapture,” which would be all cool…if Teyana didn’t post the same exact video (sans the wig, since her hair is already curly) a couple weeks back. (You can watch the videos here.)

Now Rihanna and her BFF Melissa are responding to Teyana’s tweets, and things are getting cray-cray! Though Rih still won’t @ Teyana, Melissa surely is and words are becoming more heated by the moment. Not missing an opportunity for promo (seeing as though the whole world appears to be watching this beef go down,) Tey’s publicist made sure to plug her projects on his timeline, along with mentioning that Teyana’s debut single drops next month. Hmm…could this be the reason Rih is taking aim? Fear of a little competition? What do y’all think? Check out the tweets in the gallery and let us know!
Marisa Mendez