teen commits suicide

15 year old Christian Adamek committed suicide after learning he may be registered on the Alabama sex offender list for pulling a streaking prank at a high school football game. On September 27th, cops arrested Adamek after he ran across the football field completely naked. Under Alabama law, the teen would be listed as a sex offender if found guilty of indecent exposure. SMH! To read more, click below.

Scarlet Santana

School officials were furious over the prank and threatened Christian with legal action. The day before the teen hanged himself, Principal Michael Campell told WHNT:

“There’s the legal complications. The streaking was not just a harmless prank. Public lewdness and court consequences outside of school with the legal system, as well as the school consequences that the school system has set up.”

Kids will be kids. It’s unfortunate that Christian’s prank was blown out of proportion and threatened with legal action. I don’t feel like what he did, merited being on a sex offender’s list. This holds especially true, when priest accused of sexual abuse are getting slaps on their wrists. Do you think Christian Adamek’s parents should pursue any action against the school? What are your thoughts about this tragedy? A school is an institution that should try to nurture student and teach them from their mistakes, not push them to the point of no return because they do silly things like streak.

RIP. Prayers go out to the Adamek family.