kidnap suspect forced to wear muzzle after what?!

29 year old Ramel Robinson was forced to wear a muzzle in Manhattan Criminal Court after threatening to spit on his lawyers! He was being charged with kidnapping his 5 year old niece and endangering the welfare of a child, when he went into a nutty episode. The spit threats came after Robinson was heard singing “Diamonds (Remix) ” by Rihanna featuring Kanye West in the court’s hallways. LOL. To read more, click below.

Scarlet Santana

Robinson allegedly lured his niece out of her mother’s East Harlem apartment, before taking her to a hotel with his girlfriend. The little girl was found unharmed in front of Harlem’s Apollo Theater on Wednesday. It is unknown why the uncle kidnapped his niece. Robinson’s bizarre behavior was followed with him trying to spit on lawyers in the court room. He reluctantly agreed to speak with a muzzle and pleaded with the judge that he didn’t spit on anybody, saying “”I didn’t spit on no attorney. If I could spit, I would spit on you.” After being restrained in the hallway, he broke out in Kanye’s rap verse on Rihanna’s song. LMAO. This sounds like a humorous day at court. Who knew New York had so many crazies?