Kaylin hits the studio

Since the summer, Kaylin Garcia has posted photos from the studio, letting fans and followers know that she’s working on a new venture. Though she’s yet to release an official track (she did preview one during a radio interview, however, and it was pretty good!), Kay has hinted at a handful of different song titles and topics, so it’s clear she’s been working on more than just one song. In a new photo posted just moments ago, the caption appears to be a preview of the song’s lyrics, and it’s pretty clear she’s talking directly to her ex, rapper Joe Budden.

“You say ima baby but baby wasn’t I your savior?” the caption read. “It is what it is my n*gga, I’ll Neva hate ya …. Studio flow.” Joe has referred to her age as an issue numerous times since their breakup, and it looks like she has a response! I’m really interested to hear the whole thing to see what else she says. Do you think Joey will have something to say? (And if so, will it be on Twitter…or on a track?!)

Marisa Mendez