A feature that is popular nationwide, but did you know it originally came from Hot 97 years ago? Well it’s back, and of course it’s digital now!

Tat Wza


S2 Ep 5;

S2 Ep4;

S2 Ep2;

S2 Ep1;

11th Music Meeting:

10th Music Meeting:

9th Music Meeting:

8th Music Meeting:

7th Music Meeting:

6th Music Meeting:

5th Music Meeting:

4th Music Meeting:

3rd Music Meeting:

2nd Music Meeting:

Ebro breaks down what you have to do:

I’m not sure about this ‘music meeting’, I mean Ciph and Karlie know what they’re talking about, Dom Drew has been in the Hip Hop lifestyle for a bit. But you know what, that’s the point of the battle, it’s your vote!!! If there is a song that needs to be added, make that suggestion, and if there is a part of how it works you don’t like, let us know, we want to be on point for you!!!

Go To The Hot97.com/BattleoftheBeats Now and Vote!!!