IFWT_Down App
I was fortunate enough to get invited down to the monthly New York Tech Meetup, Thank You to Yevgene from Capti(a new App the does text to speech on ANYTHING), but at this meetup, something very interesting happened at the end, Sextech got into the conversation!

Tat Wza

So there were 2 things involved with sextech, one was “Vibease”, which was a Vibrator hooked up to your smartphone(so really for women), and has diff modes, like storytelling, which is a sexy voice an erotic story is told, and at certain points in the story, it vibrates. There is also an option for the person you want to have control, and through their smartphone be able to stimulate the vibrations at will. Last but not least there is an option to talk to the app used with vibease, you(the woman) talk to the app and instruct it to vibrate at diff settings for you, with commands like “Surprise Me” and it got crazy!

The 2nd part of the nights Sextech was an App called “Down”, which was formally “Bang With Friends”, Now rebranded, and with over a million Downloads, they are kinda doing their thing! To me way better than Tinder App, and getting pretty much too the point, Are you ‘Down’ TF?!

*See Gallery for the Full Look On DOWN*

Sex IS Healthy!!!