MTV’s Wild ‘N’ Out made a big comeback to television leading the TV show to be the highest rated series in network history. Season 6 of Wild ‘N’ Out is said to be that much more bigger, one of the newest cast members Conceited known from his battle rap days; got a chance to chat with me on how Nick Cannon found out about him, fashion, battle rap, kicks, funniest moment of season 5 & much more. Note: Conceited drops a small freestyle at the end of the interview. So stay tuned and check out the exclusive audio of the interview. Wild “N” Out Season 6 airing this summer!

Q: So Conecited, Tell me how everything is going since you joined the show?

A. It’s been good, I guess it’s more notoriety. I was really use to it since youtube, but it was already a certain core of fans that followed the battles…cont. (Listen to Audio for full answer)

Q: So coming from being a battle rapper did you think you would fit in with the Wild N Out Cast?

A.Let me tell you so When I went to the second audition, it was basically a live audition where he had the main people from the first audition come in and basically do a stimulation of the show, so when I walk in I see all these comedian dudes, and I’m like ahhhh man, I was under the impression he was like yo I’m bringing it back i’m gonna make it different. So what I felt was it was going to be more battle based so then when I walked in I was like ahhh man this is not me I’m in the wrong spot but then I did the audition. (Listen To Audio for Full details)

Q: So being around all these comedians during the show is it a great experience for you? Was their certain comedians that you already knew of before the show?

A. Yeah, like when I walked in I seen Emmanuel Hudson, Traphik the asian dude Timothy DeLaGhetto, and the other comedians that was on the show from previous seasons I mean like Corey Holcomb, Mikey Day.

Q: So how did Nick Cannon & the agents find you for the show?

A. It was really um, he was like following me on twitter, my manager told me like cannon want you on the show cause he follow you on twitter and all that, so then when I saw it then he sent emails and when….cont. (Listen To Audio for Full Answer)

Q: How long were you battle rapping before the show?

A. Since 09′

Q: How is it working with Nick Cannon? What all have you learned from him?

A. Ummm really just the main thing I learned about him is that he real genuine he like really wants to help anybody, like help you get to the maximum potential to help you get you to that next step, so thats like really what I learned about him. What I learned from him really just have fun in everything that you do and love your craft and everything is just easy.

Q: What was your most funniest moment on Wild N Out So far?

A. (Laughs) Ummm its so many, I would say my best moment would be in that wild style it was that last episode, the season ender, when I came at em with the vending machine when she heard the m&m, Kevin Hart was there gassing it.

(Season Finale of Wild ‘N’ Out Season 5)

Q: So you all have had so many guest on the show, who were you looking forward too as a guest coming on the show?

A. Umm, I was actually really a fan of any and everybody, 2 Chainz, Kevin Hart, A$AP Rocky, Mariah Apperance, I was really happy about all that.

Q: So How do you come up with your wardrobe for the show?

A. Well, the wardrobe is actually ours, I mean they give us the Wild N’ Out shirts, I throw on like my own jeans my own shoes all that. (Listen To Audio for Full Details)

Q: What are some of your favorite kicks to rock on the show? or just period.

A. I’m really more into the high-end shit, so like umm you’ll see me in like some red bottom Christian Louboutins sneakers a lot or like, I use to be really into gucci shoes I’m not really into gucci sneakers no more, but um definitely see me in those. Probably see me in some louis sneakers, but mainly my favorite sneakers right now would be the red bottoms or the Giuseppe. The Giuseppe is what I was on this season more with.

Q: How many kicks would you say you have in your closet?

A.(Laughs) I wouldn’t even be able to tell you……………….a lot, more than 150. (Listen To Audio for full details)

Q: I see you always wearing a hat on the show, what are some of your sickest snapbacks?

A. Umm really The hundreds, I really like their hats. Ummmm a lot of mitchell & ness. I mean I really don’t have a particular favorite brand because if the joint is dope and it matches with something, imma rock it. (Listen To Audio For Full Details)

Q: So on the show who do you think is the funniest person?

A. Alright their’s different kinds of funny, Corey Holcomb like he’s one of the funniest n***** Ive ever met period, not just on the show just period that dude is retarted he always just say something crazy he’s definitely one of the funniest dudes Ive met period. Like umm all them dudes is really funny my boy Chico bean, Carlos they all funny but if I had to choose one ima proudly say corey. (Listen to full answer on audio)

Q: So As far as fashion goes, do you have anybody that’s your fashion influence or anybody you feel like is killing it as far as fashion in anything entertainment, hip-hop, sports etc. ?

A. Yea ummm somebody I always looked up to and not even because were from the same borough but was Fab, I always liked Fab as far as his rapping this n***** actually know how to like put his gear together and all that fab was always one. Ummm of course still like Kanye I think Kanye be doing some weird shit sometime but when he does the shit that I like he definitely kills it. Those are really the two mainly. Fab and Kanye. (Listen To Audio for Full Answer & Extras)

Q: Tell me what we should look forward to for the next season of Wild ‘N’ Out?

A. (Listen To Audio)

Q: Can you drop a little small freestyle?

A. Yeahh! — (Listen To The Audio for the Freestyle)

Q: Your Last Words?

A. Make sure everybody follow me on instagram and twitter that’s @conceitednyc and make sure do not miss any episode of Wild ‘N’ Out this season dropping again in the summer time. Do not miss it if you loved last season you will love this season even more. (Listen to Audio for full Answer)


This wraps up my interview with Conceited! Thanks so much for your time!



Interviewed by Imarashed