While I was at CES I ran into hundreds of people, and some were there to show their wonderful products off, but most came to see them. The best thing of course was actually being able to try the products out for yourself, which was super limited due to hundreds if not thousands trying to be the next one to do so. As I was there as press, some manufacturers wanted me to see the products a little closer, and that’s what brings us here.

Tat Wza

I got asked to show a few things off to you guys, but I didn’t want to show everything..well because some products were just doo doo, but what I bring you today is really nice! The Charge Key by Nomad, it may seem like ‘not a big deal’, but it’s actually really dope! An inch and a half of pure connection between your iPhone(5 and up, that lightening port) and your computer. Small, light weight, flexible as hell, and reads ANY USB port, for example, I was having issues with my Apple Lightening cable, it wouldn’t read my iPhone, I couldn’t download pics or videos from My iPhone to my macbook, and couldn’t put music on my iPhone from my mac, completely frustrating!! As soon as I plugged in the charge key, BOOM My iPhone communicated with my mac(YAY in Geek land!!). Other than being super portable(goes right on your keychain), and uber flexible, plus can read any USB port, it doesn’t do much, like needing to be untangled, HA! Ok check out how I use it on a regular basis in the gallery above!

Let me know what you think.

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