(Photos) Usher Uses Woman’s Vagina To Charge iPhone?


I’ve always heard of ‘Power of the poom poom’, but I don’t think it was ever to actually mean power as in electricity…until now, Usher Uses Woman’s Vagina To Charge iPhone, kinda.

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Chris Brown Pleads Guilty To D.C. Assault Charge – Could This Mean More Jail Time?!


Chris Brown’s initial plea of not guilty is out the window. This morning (Sept. 2), the X artist showed up to court and dropped the bomb that he would be pleading guilty to assault charges leading back to the October incident in D.C.

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Lucky! Justin Bieber Cops CRAZY Plea Deal For Miami DUI Charge


Justin Bieber always seems to luck out. The 20-year-old entertainer copped a crazy plea deal for his DUI charge that he caught while in Miami. The prosecutor allowed the Biebz to plead guilty to careless driving and resisting an officer without violence. Along with that, he’s also court mandated to complete a 12-hour anger management course along with a $50,000 charitable donation (he’s rich, that’s slight work for him.) He lucked out because the cop apparently lied in the police report when he witnessed Justin drag racing and said he “smelled like alcohol” when he hadn’t been drinking at all. This is already Bieber’s second plea deal that he accepted. Must be nice to be rich and famous, eh?

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‘RHOA’ Porsha Williams Charged With Assault, And Issued Warrant?!

_Porsha Williams And Kenya Moore

Porsha William’s fight with Kenya Moore during the reunion show taping of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta show has left the star with plenty of consequences! Williams may not only be booted off of the series, but Kenya Moore, has also pressed charges on her.

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A Texas Man Leaves Weed In His Denver Hotel Room And Gets Charged WHAT?!?!


A guy named Luis, from Texas, had a pretty nice stay in Denver. You know why. But when he got back home, he noticed that he was billed an additional $200 from the hotel he stayed in, the Hyatt Place Denver/Cherry Creek. After calling the hotel to find out why, he learned that it was because of a particular smell left behind. HIT the jump for more info.

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(Video) NBA: Oh My! Bulls Mike Dunleavy Takes Brutal Charge, Blood Everywhere


This looks like it seriously hurt. I don’t think people realize how much contact can happen between two NBA players when one of them is trying to take a charge. Another grown man coming at you full speed just to run directly into you takes some guts. In this case it also took some blood as well. Bulls Mike Dunleavy held his ground as Rockets Chandler Parson drove to the rim. Unfortunately for Dunleavy he caught a mean elbow in the process and looked like he just finished a 12 round fight. But he was tough. Went and got stitched up and came back and scored 21 points after the play. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) Charge Key Might Be The Only USB Cable You’ll Ever Need!!

Charge Key for iPhone

While I was at CES I ran into hundreds of people, and some were there to show their wonderful products off, but most came to see them. The best thing of course was actually being able to try the products out for yourself, which was super limited due to hundreds if not thousands trying to be the next one to do so. As I was there as press, some manufacturers wanted me to see the products a little closer, and that’s what brings us here.

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(Video) 1 More Snow Storm And You Might Need This!

IFWT_My Track Snow Device

Is this Snow Technology?! Maybe, but either way, the way it’s been snowing in the NYC are, and across America this year, this is a VERY attractive right about now!!

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(Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Man Sets Wife On Fire At Gas Station


This guy had the nerve to report it as an accident, but he clearly set the fire, then purposely flamed her, Not Clean!

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Chris Brown’s Assault Case: The Real Problem Is STILL Rihanna …Sheesh!

Chris Brown

Word is, CB’s people aren’t too worried about the misdemeanor assault charge, they’re WAY more concerned about the impact it will have on his probation status in the Rihanna case. TMZ claims, “the charge against Chris was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor because the victim’s injuries weren’t that severe and witness statements conflicted. The reality is — worst case scenario … Chris won’t do any time for the assault.” For the Rihanna case, the Probation Dept. will submit a report to the judge, and then D.A. will give their input and they will almost definitely ask the judge to REVOKE Chris’ probation. Worst comes to worse, if probation is revoked, Chris will do 4 years worth of time in State prison.

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