I’ve always heard of ‘Power of the poom poom’, but I don’t think it was ever to actually mean power as in electricity…until now, Usher Uses Woman’s Vagina To Charge iPhone, kinda.

Tat Wza
Usher Uses Woman’s Vagina To Charge iPhone;
Usher at Miami Art basil, taking a stroll through, runs into an exhibit where he could charge his iPhone using a woman’s Vagina, at least the power pack shoved up there. He paid $10 for 10 minutes to charge up. No word on the type of power pack was used to placed in her ‘box’, but we do know it was an iPhone, so unless she had a power pack that took 2 cords, 1 lightening, 1 micro-usb, Android’s were not included.

Usher only used ten minutes to get some juice(not the type of juice we normally get from a vagina), but I wonder, to pay for a woman to use her snatch, could that be considered prostitution?? I mean if you pay a hooker to just talk and get caught by the cops, you still could go to jail as a ‘john’, so I’ve heard, but is it plausible? Or because it’s ‘art’, is it not possible?

Either way, Usher didn’t seemed too put off by the ‘display’, but Usher man probably get chicks to charge up his ‘equipment’ all the time, he’s used to it.