A guy named Luis, from Texas, had a pretty nice stay in Denver. You know why. But when he got back home, he noticed that he was billed an additional $200 from the hotel he stayed in, the Hyatt Place Denver/Cherry Creek. After calling the hotel to find out why, he learned that it was because of a particular smell left behind. HIT the jump for more info.

Jamaal Fisher

The hotel that Louis, who withheld his last name, stayed in does not allow smoking in it’s rooms. For that they charged him an additional $200. But the smell left was not from smoke. “I smoked it outside of the hotel,” he said. “I didn’t want to chance it.”

But, this is Colorado we’re talking about. So, of course there was more green in the area — especially from Louis. That’s what the smell was. “I figured I’d leave [leftovers] behind on the desk in case the maid wanted it — you know, positivity,” Louis said. “They give you those cylindrical green jars, and I left about a half an eighth and another little bag, maybe a half a gram. It was sealed.”

When he called the hotel after finding the charge, they told him he was billed for in-room smoking. He denied it and told them that the weed he left may have been the cause for the smell. The bill was then resolved.