Well that was a bit misleading, you can get a ‘dummy’ iPhone 6 for use of comparisons, much like the same comparison photo/video’s alread populating the web, or if you want to uber-stunt on your block! This mockup phone(dummy) is only $61, but there is def a catch!

Tat Wza

*See Photo’s Of The Phone You Can Get In The Gallery Above*

As there is always a catch, you have to order from a chinese website, and if you don’t have your google translate on, you’re more than likely going to make a major mistake…like giving all of China your credit card info! I’m def waiting for the real deal.

Now as 9to5mac pointed out, there are 2 diff version’s go this non-real phone, and since I don’t have my translate on, I can’t tell you why, but I’ll share the links anyway;

iPhone 6; $375.00

iPhone 6; $379.00

If you’re going on this adventure, let me say Good Luck with That!!