Is Kobe gonna be the face of a new Apple product? We can only assume at this point but he and his wife Vanessa were seen at the Apple Campus in California talking to Jony Ive about who knows what, but you can be sure he didn’t go there just to eat lunch. There is some speculation at the moment that it might be regarding an endorsement for the iWatch. Hit the jump.

@IamJoeSports & TatWza

Turns out there is a connection between the deal he signed last year with Hublot to endorse their watches and Apple. Hublot recently accused Apple of trying to steal employees from their company so I would guess celebrity endorses are also fair game. Most people believe the iWatch will catch on much faster then the galaxy watch from samsung, and with Kobe rocking an iWatch on his wrist it just makes it even sweeter for Apple. But again, this is just speculation for now. Hit the jump.

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