A lot of people are asking for what they called a ‘rant’ from Flex the other night as they didn’t hear it, and it seems Dame Dash didn’t hear it either, and he’s ‘calling out’ the people he feels responsible, including Flex.

Tat Wza

A large amount of the ‘talk’ Flex gave the other night was spent acknowledging what Dame did for him personally, and what Dame meant to the ‘Biz’, how he figured out what a lot of execs couldn’t figure out at the time, and how organized he was at an(at the time) ‘indie’ label, And how he was truly inspirational to the industry. Dame was promoting Jay Z SO heavy at a time when Badboy ruled the world, “This Jay Z though”. How he didn’t just sell music but sold the lifestyle, and very innovative(Trendsetting) by being one of the 1st to go outside of NYC to find Hot rapper’s(State Property)!! AND how he brought Dipset into brightest light they seen tip that point.

Flex brought it up from the beginning to 2014, how recently Dame has been using his IG to comment on The Elevator incident, and doing interviews about it, commenting on Jay’s affiliate’s troubles, when he had previously used his IG to big up Jay’s album, and enjoying that Jay ‘made him look cool’ to his daughter, which Flex said was good, made it seem as though they could reconcile and be cool with each other, which is good for the game.

Funk said looking back at the video that came out ‘last days of the roc’, Dame was looking kinda nuts screaming on music execs, and “of course you’re not in the music business anymore”

Last Days Of The Roc;

Even Prior to that, barking on Def Jam exec Kevin Lyles;

Flex went on to say things like if he were next to Jay like Dame was he would never let John Meneilly, Lyor Cohen, Steve Stoute, Desiree, or OG Juan and get next to him, which they did help Jay out, solidifying their position next to him.

Basically Flex was saying although Dame is a really good dude, he didn’t move in a way a music exec should move in order to keep his position, he made some mistakes he could have fixed up, and ‘trying to put people like Lyor,and JoIE on blast’ and saying things like ‘culture vultures’ wasn’t necessary, and doesn’t make sense since these ‘Culture Vultures’ made Dame Millions!!!. Flex said Dame shouldn’t be upset about the Curren$y situation because Curren$y was so digital he didn’t know what to do with him(citing Dame just joined IG not too long ago), and ‘even if Curre$y loved Dame’, he couldn’t stand next to him because Dame was ‘self destructing’.

Flex is saying this ‘putting CEO’s on blast’ is ‘nuts’ cause it’s showing Dame is still bitter, which is wrong because no CEO and Rapper sticks together for 20 years. Flex questioned what did JoIE ever do to Dame, and Dame is making it look racial, which is def wrong, Flex told Dame on air “Be Mad at yourself”, and Dame lived really good(with $, Women, and life), but when the business changed, Dame didn’t change with it so who’s fault is it?
“Just because you didn’t adjust, don’t be mad at people that did”.

Flex goes on to say “Everybody wants to see you win”, but since Dame is only hearing what people have told him, he’s continuing his IG campaign, and this is where we are at, see the IG pics in the gallery above, AND TUNE IN tonight at 7p, it’s going to be interesting!!