Donald Sterling has decided to challenge his wife Shelly Sterling’s sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Shelly claims to have medical records stating that Donald is mentally incompetent which would leave her as the sole authority of the Sterling trust, giving her the ability to sell the team.  Not only is Donald claiming to be mentally fine, he’s challenging the sale, has investigators digging up dirt on the other owners and reopening his lawsuit against the NBA.  The league is deciding to fight back.

Shay Marie

via Sports Illustrated.

The league will answer Sterling’s complaint by August 11, and sources tell SI.com there is a good chance the league will countersue Sterling. The NBA could raise a tortious interference with contractual relations claim, and contend that Sterling has interfered in the business relations of the NBA and one of its franchises by interfering with the sale of the team.

This is clearly going to get ugly but first things first, the July 7th hearing about Donald’s mental capacity will determine what actions need to be taken.  If it’s found that he is mentally incompetent then the sale to Ballmer will move forward and the league won’t have to take further action.  If he’s found mentally stable then the lawsuits and hearings will continue with the league trying to oust him as an owner.