IFWT_caviar-supremo-putin Gold iPhone 5s case
If you’re a Russian National, this may very well be on you holiday wish list, although it doesn’t make sense(at least to me) to get a case worth 4x’s as much as the device you’re ‘protecting’, like what’s gonna protect the case?!

Tat Wza

An Italian Jewelry company called Perla Penna is known for making really expensive cases with figures like Leonardo de Vinci, Mohammed Ali and Steve Jobs, recently dropped one for Russian President Vladimir Putin, The Caviar iPhone5S Supremo Putin, and it’s worth $4,352, but will only be sold in Russia.

The Caviar iPhone5S Supremo Putin, which bears the Russian coat of arms and first two lines of the national anthem on the reverse, comes with a price tag of 147,000 rubles (about US$4,352). The model, the back cover of which is plated in 18-carat gold, will only be available in Russia.

Here’s the thing, it’s for the iPhone 5 series, so when these new iPhones drop this fall, this will be ‘old’ already :-/