Jay Z and Beyonce
Someone! Please stop the buzzing in their ears! Jay-Z and Beyonce has been hearing all y’all talk! Divorce rumours and putting words in their mouth at concerts! Flashing lights and media reporting lies, who wouldn’t be tired. The US part of their “On The Run” Tour is over and next top is France. In the meantime, Bonnie and Clyde seemed to have taken shelter in a friends luxury home.
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Nqobi C

According to reports, While Jay-Z and Beyonce are between their tour dates, they have taken shelter a fellow celebrity’s mansion.


Well none other than Gwenyth Paltrow

How do we know?

Everyone knows of the couples love for the actress and estranged husband and recently Beyonce posted a picture on Instagram that uncannily looked like the entrance to Paltrow’s 10.5 Million Brentwood mansion.

Striking a pose, Beyonce stood in front a sunny doorway that resembled Platrows home in her instagram picture.

Sources revealed that the “Dangerously In Love” couple are staying there until their France dates of the tour in September.

Hmmm… What do You guys think?

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