Talk about overdramatic! A teen in Belarus could face fines for nominating the Dictator of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. The teen posted the video online and received a call from the police not too long after. He was told if that him along with everyone in the video can receive fines for the nomination! Crazy! Hit the jump for more details!


A brave Belarus teenager may be fined because he asked the country’s strongman leader, Alexander Lukashenko, to take the charity challenge.

Dmitry Daynenko uploaded a video of himself doing the online challenge, then nominated Lukashenko, according to the BBC.

But the authorities took a dim view and he was called in by police who said everyone in the video would be fined unless they took the footage down.

The teenager was told he had “done something against Lukashenko”.

So does that the dictator will donate to the charity?

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