IFWT_Apple Watch 26-F
Aside from the new iPhone situation, and Apple Pay, there was ‘One More Thing’, and it was Beautiful! With a Ex-Tag Heuer exec over seeing the product, the ‘Apple Watch’ has so much to offer!

Tat Wza

Ok where do we start, the classy look, the functionality, navigation, the fact that it’s an Apple product, well that last one is a given.

Ok the Apple watch will come in 3 lines, ‘Apple Watch’, ‘Apple Watch Sport’, and ‘Apple Watch Edition’;

Apple Watch over all is a beautiful time piece, easily interchangeable straps in different fabrics, all with the mind set of easy navigation. The wheel on the side helps you zoom in and out, see lists up and down, sensors on the back to monitor your health, apps navigable in a different manor. See pics on your wrist(although I didn’t see a camera, and they didn’t mention one, I did see a camera app in the app line up), take and make calls and Message. Speaking of messages, there’s a new way to communicate, called Digital Touch, where you keep a friend list, tap on a friend, either call, message, or draw patterns that only you and that friend understand. Oh and if you send a heart, it’s not an Emoji, it’s actually a representative from your real heartbeat!!!

Apple Watch Sports;

Really just a matter of different straps, more durable, rubber sweat resistant straps, also more about the health apps installed.

Apple Watch Edition;

All about the grown and sexy, yes still more about the straps, leather, metal mesh, magnetic clasps and different colors.

See all the Apple Watch Versions and looks in the gallery above