facebook adds mobile payments square paypal

If you have chase quick pay, or any quick pay app like Venmo then you’ll be excited to know that Facebook now allows you to send money to your friends through messenger… or maybe you won’t. Either way Facebook already made test runs on the feature and only needs to turn the feature on. Read on for more on send money to your friends feature added to Facebook

IFWT Tech Tat Wza says, “So now you can send that chicken through Facebook huh, well FB Messanger, which in it’s self is an awkward interaction, being in a whole separate app and all. The people asking for bread will go up too, which will lead me to not even want to go in the messenger app, how about you??”

Laura Rodriguez

The feature runs similar to sending your friends a photo on messenger. You can add card to Facebook messenger and set up a pin code for added security. For now the app only allows person to person but they are hoping for group payments in the future.

Looks like you’ll finally be able to collect those $20 bucks that guy owes you since prom.

Thoughts? Are you guys fond of the idea? Will you be using this new feature?