Anti Mayor Banner
The fued between cops, local government and “the people” seems to be escalating as NYPD Flies Anti-Mayor de Blasio Banner Over NYC for all of New York City to see. If you live, work or happened to be anywhere along the Hudson River the big bold red letters definitely passed you. This is the latest stunt/statement to the mayor from the NYPD since literally turning their backs on him last week!

NYPD Flies Anti-Mayor de Blasio Banner Over NYC is another chapter in what’s now brought the newest political beef to a fever pitch since the double murder of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos in Brooklyn. The NYPD involved in this week’s bold statement are so far choosing to stay anonymous…

A plane trailing a banner reading “DE BLASIO, OUR BACKS HAVE TURNED TO YOU” flew over the Hudson River in a show of disdain for the mayor after two officers were executed in their squad car in Brooklyn last Saturday.

Former cop Jon Cardillo was reportedly asked to make a statement at 9AM this morning on behalf of a “large and unified group of current and retired NYC Police Officers, Detectives, & Supervisors” who saw the plane this morning and support it. The statement highlights outrage at Mayor de Blasio in the wake not only last week’s murder but calls out his entire handle on everything that’s happened between cops and communities since #EricGarner/late summer. They continue to feel he’s not been supportive enough of NYC police and further believe it was the mayor’s “what if that was my son” comments regarding race and police brutality that set everything off!

“…It is our opinion that Mayor de Blasio’s dangerous and irresponsible comments about his and his wife’s concern for their son’s safety at the hands of the NYPD fueled the flames that led to civil unrest, and potentially to the deaths of PO Wenjian Liu and PO Rafael Ramos, as well as the continued threats against NYPD personnel. The Mayor shows us no respect, and encourages the public to follow his lead.”

If the NYPD Flies Anti-Mayor de Blasio Banner Over NYC continues a “war” between the mayor and the police…where do the people stand?

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