Obama Caught Wearing A Tiara. President Obama breaks a cardinal rule of his by wearing a Tiara given to him by girl scouts. Read more after the jump!

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He put this rule in effect after he was given a custom-made helmet by the Navy football team and asked to put it on. He says “Here’s the general rule: you don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president.. That’s politics 101.. You never look good wearing something on your head”. Now come on Mr. President, don’t try to fool us! You have TWO daughters who are still very young, I know for a fact that you’ve tried on a Tiara at least once or twice in the past just to make them happy. Now while many people may argue that this makes America look soft because our leader is caught on photo wearing a Tiara, I’d like to see other countries try our “Soft” president. All in all, it’s good to see that our president doesn’t take himself too seriously all the time like many leaders around the country do. What do you guys think about President Obama wearing this Tiara, too much or should he always take himself seriously all the time?

Source: Yahoo