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Exciting Funk Fliggity does it again, bringing Dipset out , people have been Sooooo waiting for this, incredible!!

Tat Wza

Ok, Fliggity just made a movie on the box, and broke down how this is going down!! Ok the Tour is happening 1st, details on the tour will be broken down later, but right after the tour, a mixtape will drop, mean!! It all starts this coming monday as the diplomats will takeover Hot97, and drop a legendary freestyle!!! Technically I’ll be in Vegas on Monday(CES), but I am all over this!!!!

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Only the master LitDigitalDj himself could pull this off, understand this, it’s really been a solid decade with out Dipset truly being active, and the people have been missing the real streets, but now the chance has come to relish in what I call ‘Dip Mania’!! Here’s what Flig says’

I just spoke to @jimjonescapo x I just spoke to @Mr_Camron x I just spoke to @thejuelzsantana !!!!! These 3 men have put the bullshit aside and are ready to rock!!!! #STEPONE 7pm This Monday @Dipsetusa1997 take over @Hot97 for 5Hours!!!!! No gossip bullshit just new freestyles and reuniting like the bosses they are!!!! #STEPTWO @Dipsetusa1997 x @djfunkflex are hitting 5 different clubs for #2015 !!!!! THE OFFICIAL 5 STOP DIPSET x DJFUNKFKEX REUNION MADNESS!!!! PROMOTERS HIT ME DIRECT @ [email protected] !!!!! Promoters get your money up!!! #STEPTHREE The most important one of all!!! NEW DIPSET MIXTAPE AFTER WE HIT THESE 5 CLUBS!!!!! New Dipset Mixtape hosted by @djfunkflex x @Djkhaled x @Therealswizzz x @Djmustard!!!!! The wait is over… I can’t take it any more!!!! This Dipset project has to happen!!!! Street wants it!!!!! @litdigitaldjs #litdigitaldjs #NewTeamInTown @bossladyem