New Drake To Get Out of Cash Money Contract?

There’s definitely a lot of buzz…and confusion surrounding If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, but what if it’s intentional? Fulfilling certain obligations, curving “bad energy,” side-eyeing authority, going at a few necks–all to possibly chuck a deuce (among other fingers)? Is New Drake Release A Move to Get Out of Cash Money?

Though talk was heating up as soon as If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late was released, the drama that’s ensued is not just about the Tyga diss and response. More and more sources have been asking Is New Drake Release A Move to Get Out of Cash Money and pointing to the random and unannounced drop as a mercy release–or rather, a strategically placed checkmate from Drizzy and the OVO team to the Cash Money establishment?

For one argument on Is New Drake Release A Move to Get Out of Cash Money, note that nobody really knows for sure (maybe you can answer?)—is it an album…or a mixtape??? The chess here though, is that all 17-tracks are streaming on Spotify and being sold on iTunes. This in addition (or conflict) to the at one time free streaming tracks that were made available on OVO’s Soundcloud account, being taken down within minutes. (FYI at this point even the #DJFunkFlexApp stream of the work has been stripped). Sources say the free stream however had not been removed and was still on OVO’s blog as of yesterday–resentment or nah? A lasting WTF on most people’s mind’s has been the absence of the “Views From the 6” album Drizzy had been “promising,” replaced or just back-burned from the presence of this release, which many are calling an ‘intentionally non-radio single bearing-status update bars-filled’ ‘album.’

But there’s a bigger picture for Is New Drake Release A Move to Get Out of Cash Money: While it’s public knowledge of Lil’ Wayne’s dissent, lawsuit, and plan to take Drake and Nicki Minaj with him, dropping this ‘album’ officially may fulfill Drake’s contract with the Cash Money order. (Wayne had a four album deal, Drake’s deal number is not public knowledge, but this is his fourth). Assess these facts on top of him also releasing the album quite randomly (or carelessly) during Diddy’s concert. Though sales of the record are approaching Beyonce-like first week sales upwards of 500,000 in three days, the status-update rap Drizzy’s serving is definitely summed up in the title.

The unload of Drake surprises has’t stopped, from his Sprite concert with Nas to rocking with Kanye, it’s possible communication is ‘iffy’ and Cash Money didn’t know about these either. And just for the record…there’s no mention of Birdman or Cash Money in any way, shape or form among the “thank you’s” of the release, though he does manage to thank “Amanda who took me to that poetry reading in Baltimore” and “the entire Raptors organization” (yikes). Perhaps if Cash Money is reading this, it’s too late.

Could a “surprise” drop of that “Free Weezy” be up next?

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